My Top 5 Styling Tips

August 25th, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I often get asked about styling for photoshoots or about practical styling for your home so I have compiled a few of my top tips when styling a space. These “rules” are things to keep in mind when finalizing a room, styling your holiday mantle, or figuring out your linens and pillows for your master bedroom. Let’s jump right in!


The Rule of Three: 

You may have heard this one before, for good reason. Items look better together when they are grouped in odd numbers. The “Rule of Three” holds true specifically in interior design but is seen in graphic design, art, and photography – to name a few. Next time you are stumped, try grouping items in odd numbers (groups of five, seven, and nine can work on a larger scale as well).

Image via Becki Owens

What is Too Much?:

When styling a space, it can be very easy to go overboard. After all, there are so many gorgeous items out there – from art to candles to sculptures and more. It is all too easy to clutter a space. This is also a matter of personal taste, as some people feel “less is more” and others would argue “more is more”. I tend to lean towards the “less is more” side of things. Regardless, it is always beneficial to take a step back and look at your space and ask yourself, “what is too much”?

Image via Cedar and Suede


The triangle trick might be one of the more difficult to explain, but so easy once you get the hang of it. This tip refers to styling on a larger scale and requires stepping back and looking at a vignette. Here, you use a high point (perhaps a lamp or light fixture) and group other items below so that they form a triangle when looking back from a distance. This trick helps a vignette look organized and polished, without looking cluttered and messy.

Image via keltainentalorannalla


Layering is perhaps the most tried and true tip of the bunch, and really makes an impact in interior design and styling. Layering is taking into account all of the items of visual interest, and choosing them in a way that creates textures, depth, and a refined color palette. Layering is basically the way you style a room, in a thoughtful and succinct way. A perfectly layered room will have the eye drawn to all aspects of the design, without feeling overly crowded.

Image via Design Sponge

Things of Meaning:

Last, but certainly not least, is styling with items of meaning or personal importance to you. It can be easy to get caught up shopping for beautiful trinkets, but I so often urge my clients to look within their home (or perhaps even their attics!). There is truly nothing more special than including personal items that hold sentimental value. Whether it be a photograph of your great great grandmother or a vacation souvenir, you will be glad that you get to enjoy something meaningful to you in your home.

Image via Cup of Jo

Next time you are setting out to style your space, I encourage you to use one – or several – of my top 5 styling tips! You will be surprised at how easily a space goes from crowded to perfectly refined when you style your items with intention. If you try out one of my tricks, please do let me know! Tag me on Facebook, Instagram, or shoot me an email – I would love hear how it went. Until next time!

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